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Project Governance Seminars, Workshops & Training

The GAIA R&D team have built up years of expertise and hard-earned experience in Project Management and Project Governance particularly with projects involving new technologies and/or innovative processes. This experience is available to you at an attractive daily rate (with discounts for DCU Invent Companies and DCU related projects), because we honestly believe that our experience and pain should be your gain.

Our Services

  • Risk identification, analysis and management workshops

  • Project Planning workshops & training

  • Project Governance and Project Planning

  • Requirements Analysis and Project Sizing

  • Team Formation & Role Definition

  • Development of Project Artifacts – Project Initiation Documents, Business Case Documents

  • Project Audit

  • Review and QA of in-flight projects

  • I/T, O/T and Telecoms integration and innovation

  • Zero Based budgeting for computing – planning supervision of open source and managed services environments.


 If your project ticks three or more of these boxes then you should talk to us....

  • Project > 6 months or > €1m

  • Complex Interdependencies

  • Tight and Inflexible Deadlines   

  • Multiple large workstreams

  • Unclear Solutions

  • Poorly defined requirements

  • Betting the Company

  • Uncertain Funding  

  • New and/or unproven technology

  • Multiple Stakeholders

  • Lack of control of related projects or dependencies

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Sample Slides from ISO31000 Risk Management Training


ISO 31000 Standards


Impact/Probability Matrix


Management  & Treatment Goals

Treatment Goals

Issues and Risk Relationships - Data Model


Process Overview and Financial Model


Project Governance

Process Flow

Q & A Session


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Patent news

The company has two significant patents under development at the moment and hope to achieve 10 year patents on both by early Q4 2010.

New Products

Emerging products include the GAIA "Hand", GAIA "Orb", and GAIA "Cube".

DCU Invent

DCU is a state of the art Innovation and Enterprise Centre based at Dublin City University. 

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