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Ok, so what is this GAIA stuff all about?

 GAIA Hypothesis

The Gaia Hypothesis proposes that the biosphere and the physical components of the Earth (atmosphere, cryosphere, hydrosphere and lithosphere) are closely integrated to form a complex interacting system. 

Originally proposed by James Lovelock as the earth feedback hypothesis it was named the Gaia Hypothesis after the Greek goddess of the Earth, at the suggestion of the writer William Golding a friend and neighbour of Lovelock. The hypothesis is frequently described as viewing the Earth as a single organism.

What's the bottom line?

 If we don't behave - the Human Race is done for!

The Earth is a non-sentient but highly complex self-regulating "organism". The earth has been here through global warming and extreme ice ages for about 4 billion years and based on the current performance of our G2 Dwarf star (the Sun) will be here for approximately another 4.5 billion years.

However, during that period many organisms have reached the top of the evolutionary food chain before being wiped out by ice ages, cometary impact (etc.). Never before however has the top predator put their future in jepoardy through their own "bad behavior". 

Global warming is real. We are getting through millions of years of fossil fuel sediments every year and spewing out millions of years worth of captured carbon in the process.  We need to "wise up" in order to do our duty for generations to come.  Let's live properly and leave them a planet to live on.  

Where does GAIA R&D come in?

 We're a REAL part of the smart economy

Apart from Natural Gas, Ireland imports all of its fossil fuels. As an Island nation at the end of politically controlled pipelines we need to find other ways to supply and manage our energy needs for our high-tech economy.  In addition, thanks to some very poor leadership and governance the current recession is hitting Ireland more than most.  However, our small size, educational system and ability to innovate and move rapidly means the we can get things fixed - and fast. 

GAIA R&D's unique IP lies in the area of energy awareness and consumer products and we have key patents pending to protect these vital intellectual assets. When that has been achieved we hope to design and manufacture these products in Ireland for a world-wide market. The current range of products have been designed to work in all of the regions coloured red or blue on the attached map.


We are based in an exciting hotbed of energy and innovation known as the DCU Invent Centre within the DCU campus, with access to expertise in electronics, programming, design & manufacture.  Confident in the future market for these new and novel products we look forward to an exciting time over the next few years...............



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Patent news

The company has two significant patents under development at the moment and hope to achieve 10 year patents on both by early Q4 2010.

New Products

Emerging products include the GAIA "Hand", GAIA "Orb", and GAIA "Cube".

DCU Invent

DCU is a state of the art Innovation and Enterprise Centre based at Dublin City University. 

DCU Invent