GAIA Research and Development Limited

Part of Ireland's Smart Green Economy

GAIA R&D Limited is an indigenous Irish company based in the DCU Invent building, Dublin City University. The company is developing consumer products with international market potential.

As households around the world become more and more aware of the threat of global warming to the environment and the need for more sustainable energy consumption, GAIA R&D is developing a unique range of products to make this process not just possible, but intuitive, accessible & fun, a talking point for family and friends.

The world market for Advanced Metering and Smartgrids technology will be huge, exceeding €500Bn in infrastructure investment. However, in the absence of agreed ITU, IEEE & ANSI standards, the successful roll-out of this infrastructure in a consistent way is many years away.  In the meantime, GAIA can provide a range of products based on intuitive real-time displays to inform and educate households throughout the world in a fun and stylish way.  These products have not existed in the consumer space ever before so market estimates contain a significant margin for error but based on a conservative 8%-10% market penetration, revenues in the range of €250m to €300m are feasible with sufficiently aggressive investment in production and marketing over a 3 to 5 year timescale.

Once initial 10 year patent protection has been achieved we intend to manufacture in Ireland in order to create Irish employment and support the concept of a “Green, clean island”.

Patent news

The company has two significant patents under development at the moment and hope to achieve 10 year patents on both by early Q4 2010.

New Products

Emerging products include the GAIA "Hand", GAIA "Orb", and GAIA "Cube".

DCU Invent

DCU Invent is a state of the art Innovation and Enterprise Centre based at Dublin City University. 

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